The 1st New Mexico Bank, Wild Wild West Pro Rodeo is hosted by the Southwest Horseman’s Association.


History: The Wild Wild West Pro Rodeo’s predecessor was the Grant County Sheriff’s Posse Association. The arena was then located in the area where Ace Hardware currently sits. Amature rodeos were held every year on July 4th for many years. In the late 80’s the Sheriff’s Posse members sold the land to Walmart and built the current arena at 2 Caballero Road. The Southwest Horseman’s Association was formed in 1990 and the first Wild Wild West Pro Rodeo was held in Silver City, New Mexico.

  • For RODEO information contact John Myers at 575.654.4625.
  • For RODEO vendor information contact PD Wilkerson at 575.519.8670.
  • For Southwest Horseman’s Association information contact Tyler Brown at 575.538.1778.
  • For media relations contact Kim Clark at 575.574.2629 and southwesthorsemans@hotmail.com.

Our rodeo title sponsor is 1st New Mexico Bank of Silver City

Our Rodeo Sponsorships range from an arena sign sponsorship that includes box seating for all nights of the rodeo at $800 to $1000. To bucking chute and event sponsorships at $1500 to $1700. And performance sponsorships at $2500 to $5000. We do have a few sponsorships available at this time.


The purpose of the Southwest Horseman’s Association is to maintain our western culture and heritage through producing civic events that provide education and promote rural life and agriculture, and cooperating with others in endeavors of common interest.

The Southwest Horseman’s Association 2018 Officers are as follows: Tyler Brown, President — John Myers, Vice President — JoAnn Miller, Secretary — Kim Clark, Treasurer — P.D. Wilkerson, Sergeant-at-Arms. The officers shall be charged with the general management of the organization in the supervision and direction of all plans affecting the organization activities and welfare, whatever kind, as set forth by the Executive Committee.

Elected Executive Committee Members are as follows: Lurden Benavidez, Director — Crystal Bloomfield, Member-at-Large — Jack Harrison, Member-at-Large and Abie Parra, Member-at-Large. The Executive Committee shall consist of a nine member board: The officers, immediate past president, and three members elected by staggered terms. This board shall act in the capacity of governing committee to be the advisory body of the organization.

Membership is $30 per year Individual and $50 per year Family (December-November). Must be at least 18 years of age. Prospective new members shall be sponsored by a current member. A membership application and liability form shall be presented by the sponsoring member at the next general membership meeting.

SHA New Membership Application

(Tentative) Membership meetings shall be held the first Tuesday of every month. Meetings shall be announced on the Wild Wild West Pro Rodeo Facebook page.


  • SHA Youth Gymkhana Committee
  • SHA Barrel Racing Committee
  • SHA Roping Committee
  • Rodeo Committee
  • Others as deemed necessary by the President