2013 Rodeo Results!

Wild, Wild West ProRodeo

Silver City, N.M., June 6-8

All-around cowboy: Cutter Parsons, $1,492, tie-down roping and steer wrestling

Bareback riding: 1. Craig Wisehart, 81 points on Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo’s Hometown Girl, $1,417; 

Steer wrestling: First round: Average: 1. Paul Melvin, 11.1 seconds on two head, $823; 

Team roping: First round:  Average: 1. Joel Bach/Allen Bach, 10.6 seconds on two head, $1,417 each; 

Saddle bronc riding: 1. (tie) Brandon Biebelle, on Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo’s Bully Dog, and Heith DeMoss, on Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo’s Miss Rodeo, 80 points, $1,262 each;

Tie-down roping: First round: Average: 1. Jesse Clark, 17.8 seconds on two head, $1,620; 

Barrel racing: 1. Jolee Lautaret-Jordan, 17.41 seconds, $1,341; 

Steer roping: First round:  Average: 1. Scott Snedecor, 34.5 seconds on three head, $1,583;

Bull riding: 1. Brant Atwood, 93 points on Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo’s Speck, $3,648;

Total payoff: $83,252. Stock contractors: Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo and Carr Pro Rodeo. Sub-contractor: Salt River Rodeo Company. Rodeo secretary: Sandy Gwatney.